Doctor Paul Munsanje | Aesthetic, Cosmetic & Skincare Specialist
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About Doctor Munsanje

Home of Dr Paul Munsanje, Aesthetic Doctor based in Harley street, London & Merrion Square in Dublin 2.
About Us - Dr. Paul Munsanje - Aesthetic Doctor

Hi, I’m Dr Paul, I received my degree in Medicine in University College Dublin in 2002. After this I spent the next few years completing several positions including General Medicine, Radiation Oncology and General Practice, before finally finding my home in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine, where my natural talent and enthusiasm lies. I am now a member of the British college of Aesthetic Medicine and regularly attend conferences around the world to keep ahead of the best in Aesthetics and Cosmetic techniques.

Initially I began performing treatments in other clinics once a week while working in General Practice; this then turned to twice a week until eventually I was busy enough to do Aesthetic Medicine full time and make the move from General Practice.

I found General Practice challenging and enjoyed interacting with people as I have my whole life, but aesthetic medicine allowed me to use another side of my brain and I found the results much more fulfilling! To a lot of people Aesthetic and Cosmetic medicine is something reserved for the vain and/or famous, but I began to see first hand that everyday people can and do benefit from a little bit of help towards looking their best. I discovered that Aesthetic Medicine is all about confidence: Confidence that can be lost with aging and the confidence that can be restored with a little rejuvenation.

My Aesthetic Philosophy

My philosophy in aesthetic medicine is ‘less is more’. Throughout the site you will see pictures and videos showing you how I can achieve minor changes, moderate changes and all the way up to major transformations. That does not mean that we should always do the maximum that is possible. I pride myself and encourage clients to aim to use the minimum amount of product to achieve their goals. This not only makes the treatments as natural as possible but cheaper as well.

It is important however, to define what is natural. Natural results do not depend on using tiny amounts of product. (You can look natural and look terrible!)

Focus On Natural Beauty

Natural means approaching how beautiful, untreated faces naturally look without botox or fillers. To achieve a natural look, it is necessary to understand what makes a normal face normal; what makes lips look like lips, cheeks like cheeks and faces like faces, more to the point what makes them sometimes look more beautiful than others. I hope throughout this site I give you a feel for how passionate I am about the art of Aesthetic Medicine and explaining it to you as I frequently do for other doctors and nurses in my training sessions and presentations.


Dr. Paul Munsanje

Dr. Munsanje fully registered on the Irish Medical Council.

Dr. Paul Munsanje

Dr. Munsanje is a member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr. Paul Munsanje

Dr. Munsanje is a member of the the General Medical Council in the UK.

Dr. Paul Munsanje

Dr. Munsanje is fully insured for aesthetic treatments and Botox training with Hamilton Fraser cosmetic insurance.

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