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New Site Launch

Dr Munsanje - New Site Launch

New Site Launch

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the – the new online hub for Dr. Paul Munsanje so you can keep up to date with his aesthetic beauty clinics, new treatments as well as news and info from the world of cosmetic beauty. Dr Paul has been performing cosmetic beauty treatments like Botox, lip fillers and eye rejuvenation since 2007 and to date has completed over 7,000 treatments for clients in the UK and Ireland. This new site will allow his clients to better keep in touch with him.

Not The First, Not The Last

As Dr. Paul has been providing treatments for almost a decade it’ll come as no surprise that this isn’t his first site. To support his practice Dr. Paul has a site for his Amara UK business, the Amara business in Ireland as well as sites to support his Botox training courses and his beauty treatment clinic. This site will be different in that it will be more focused on Dr Paul, his continuous development and trends in the cosmetic industry.

Dr. Paul Munsanje - New Site Launch

Stay Up To Date

Crucially, what this site will give you is the ability to know when are where Dr. Paul will be so that you can schedule a treatment at a date that suits you. As Dr Paul’s practice continues to grow some clients are now scheduling treatments years in advance to ensure that they can get the treatment they want when they need it. Make sure you check out the Calendar page frequently as this will be updated weekly with upcoming clinic dates for the UK and Ireland.

The Clinic Is Open

Now, with all that said it’s fair to say that the site is now officially launched and the clinic open! If you would like to make an appointment to meet with Dr Paul then get in touch by calling +44 20 3695 0872 or contact us online!

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