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Eye Rejuvenation

Eye Rejuvenation

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, however as we get older sometimes I wish we had a pair of thick curtains! From the time we hit our early thirties our aging eye becomes noticeable.

This diagram shows that the fat sheet of the face, (more like a duvet). There are multiple pockets of fat which basically makes up the shape of our face. However, although we can’t change the shape of the skull we can plump up the fat in our face using filler making us look younger.

The picture above shows you a series of numbers on each fat pad. Those numbers correspond to the sequence in which the fat pads lose volume. For example the area directly above the eye loses fat first.

The temple muscles and fat above the eye all lose volume which causes the eyes to droop. This results in an eye that is hollow underneath and also has heaviness above. You may notice as you get older that you have to hold the eye up in order to apply eye shadow or liner.

Eye Rejuvenation - Beauty Treatments - Amara
Eye Rejuvenation - Before Treatment - Aesthetic Doctor
Eye Rejuvenation - After Treatment - Aesthetic Doctor

The upper eyelid area is an extremely sneaky feature of aging just a 1mm drop in the eyelids can age someone 5-10 years. Look at the pictures above: The first picture shows a very small drop on the outside of the eyes, when compared to the lifted eyebrow next to it you can see the difference this tiny droop makes.

Eye rejuvenation crows feet

Crows feet (which we are all aware of) are like laugh lines for the eyes and are a result of thinning skin and a use of muscles. However Crows Feet are a quick fix so keep smiling.

Eye rejuvenation crows feet - Aesthetic Doctor - Dr Paul Munsanje

Treatments for eye rejuvenation

A good eye treatment involves a couple of different approaches. Everyone is different so depending on age, severity of aging, the patient’s desire for improvement and budget, the treatment can vary quite a bit!

Step 1

Eye Rejuvenation

A basic rejuvenation involves botox to the sides of the eyes with an optional botox to lift the brows at the sides. Sometimes botox will also be used in between the brows to lift the centre of the eyebrows also.  Depending on the persons muscles around the eyes, occasionally i will treat under the eyes and also the bunny lines (lines on the nose)

Step 2

Eye Rejuvenation

The next step in eye rejuvenation involves correcting under the eyes with filler – usually 1ml of volbella to the under eye area is sufficient for this – aiming to tighten the under eye skin and also to fill in the under eye volume loss. Sometimes this will be done as part of a general cheek lift procedure which can help with under eye volume loss

Step 3

Eye Rejuvenation

The next step is treating over the eye and eye brow. A brow lift as mentioned in step one can be done with a little bit of botox. However often the reason for a drooping brow lies in the temple. The temple is an area that can lose a lot of volume without us really noticing.

Using a little filler in this area can lift up and out on the brow.  in the picture above you can see it even makes the brow a little longer in appearance. Finally we can also use filler on the brow itself to replace the lost volume on the outer part of the brow!

Treatments for Eye Rejuvenation - Before and After - Dr. Paul Munsanje

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